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Swing and crooner orchestra

An elegant  charmy and bright orchestra for your high class event all over Italy. From 7 up to 15 or more musicians.  Dance and background music. 

Dance Swing band 

A fascinating and traditional swing repertoire for an elegant and  smart entertainment.

Italian swing band

The tipical Italian vintage style from the 30s.60s decades for your romantic and unforgettable event in Italy.

Pop-rock dance band

The perfect line up for a dance party all over Italy

Super flexible wedding band

Would you like to have some jazz/swing bossa nova during the aperitifs and then a different dance repertorie (pop, rock, disco, latin, Italian, ecc.)???No problem the super flexible band can do it!

Brazilian band

Bossa nova, Brazilian  and latin music for  a warm and magic atmosphere.

Jazz band and combos

From a solo piano or guitar up to a quartet-quintet, ecc. If you want classy and elegant music for your party a jazz soloist/combos (instrumental or with a singer) is what suits you perfectly!

Italian traditional band

The Italian traditional music at its best. The funniest and more autentic Italian music for your party or reception.

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